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UI/UX, Art Direction
The Newsfeed

Trngle is an app meant to network creatives and enable them to collaborate on projects. I worked with the Trngle team to develop the apps UI. The newsfeed shows projects you may want to participate in based on the filters you've set and the skills you have. A user may engage with each project by up-voting or choosing to apply for a position on the project's team.


Due to the complexity of the app, I implemented a classic hamburger style menu. This style of menu lends itself to organizing the large quantity of features the app aims to offer while providing persistent and coherent navigation throughout the platform. The menu is unobtrusive so as not to interrupt user-flow. The post action is highlighted as a way of encouraging users to create projects.

User Stories

Users on Trngle fall into two roles: project organizers and project seekers. A tailored user flow for both use cases was crucial. As an organizer, you are given access to tools that allow you to vet and choose those who apply for your project. As a position seeker you are given tools to decide which project is the best fit for you. Trngles website:, they got a nice promo video.

Newsfeed (filter)