Texts From Mom
UI/UX, Art Direction, Web Development

This project was born while I was scrolling through texts with my mom to find an address. As I scrolled I laughed at my mom's use of emojis, I regretted times I was short with her, and I felt comforted by her advice. For me, this was a valuable moment of reflection that I wanted to share with others.


I decided I wanted to make a website that would work as a running log of people's texts with their moms. My hope for the site is that it will encourage people to foster their relationship with their mothers and get a quick glimpse into other people's relationships with their moms.


I designed and built the website with simplicity and familiarity as its focus. The site mimics the styling of iMessage so as to provide a familiar experience while keeping the content in its native context. To submit a text from your mom, check out the site and drop one in.