Knowles Talent Search
UI/UX, Art Direction, Identity Design, Web Development

The Knowles Talent Search is a company founded by Mathew Knowles (CEO of Music World Entertainment, Inc. and former manager of Destiny's Child and Beyoncé) with the goal of finding great talent and bringing it to new heights. I worked closely with Mathew and affiliates to design and develop all branding, web platforms, and pertinent assets for the company. The Knowles Talent Search is currently in development.


The logo needed to convey not only friendliness and integrity, but also a taste of excitement and vibrance. I chose a muted pink to convey the right combination of the company’s values. I used a classic box silhouette to contain a stacked and slightly kerned title. A sans serif typeface conveys professionalism and the modern nature of the platform. The weight on "talent" was increased to highlight the goal of the company while breaking up the logo to create a more dynamic visual rhythm. To further develop the company's identity, I developed a full range of custom iconography for the web platform. The icons suggest actionable buttons, as well as informational elements. The glyphs are both elegant and fun, featuring playful elements such as a tie and headphones, crossed symbols, and lines representing sound and light.


The website’s function is to encourage visitors to submit their music to the company for review. We used bold buttons featuring dynamic form shifts, most notably from sharp to rounded corners. This dichotomy, between sharp and rounded, is found throughout the site; from the logo, to the rounded play button on the first banner. The Knowles Talent Search site is structured to provide a curated user flow following a logical hierarchy. The website captures the user’s attention with a large hero-banner featuring a vibrant image of a concert which matches the platform’s color scheme. Overlaid on the hero is a link to a promotional video and the nav, which allows the user to submit their music. The user is prompted to scroll down and engage with the rest of the website, either by clicking the arrow or scrolling.