Hurst Creative Inc.
UI/UX, Art Direction, Web Development
The Agency

Hurst Creative is a New York City based full service brand marketing agency with clients including Nike, Sony, Samsung, Balenciaga and more. I worked as a part of the Hurst team to service their clients and build the agency's web platform.

The Website

The website was redesigned with the user's experience and the platform's goals in mind. Coordinating the site's content into a coherent hierarchy was crucial to delivering the company's information effectively. Upon loading the website, the viewer is immediately given the option to contact the company. If the user needs more information to reach out, they simply need to scroll to learn more.

The Work

The star of the website should be the agency's work so it was crucial to display the projects in a coherent and becoming way. The project pages are easily digestable and allow for easy navigation between them maximizing the users ability to view content. Take a look at the website I whipped up for them: