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I worked with LMS to design and develop the Postworthy brand identity, home page, and marketplace.

The Problem – There was no easy way for brands to find and partner with social media influencers to market their product.

The Solution – A marketplace for influencers where no money is needed to purchase an item, just a post on their social account.


The Postworthy Identity needed to at once communicate excitement and opportunity. I chose a bright red as the primary color for the brand as it speaks to that excitement and is often associated with buying. The bold and italicized logo furthers the aura of excitement by providing a feel of movement and rhythm. The stars represent the shine of a new product as well as the idea of celebrity. The elements of the brand work for both a logomark made of a single "P" and a wordmark made of the full name.

Influencer Landing Page

The Postworthy landing page needed to satisfy two major use cases: Influencer's looking to sign up to use the marketplace, and businesses looking to post their item on the marketplace. For the influencer facing side of the site, the primary goal was to encourage users to apply for access to the marketplace. To most effectively accomplish this, I chose to simplify the application process to a single email input and place it as the website's primary CTA alongside the hero image. If the user needs some more info before signing up, they can scroll down the single page for some more info before being prompted to apply once again at the bottom of the page.

Business Landing Page

For the use case of a business looking to post their product on the Postworthy marketplace, the primary goal was to make it as easy as possible for them to get started. The primary CTA, placed alongside the site's hero image, scrolls the user to a simple sign-up form consisting of only a few inputs. The hero image depicts some influencer activations overlaid on the UI of the marketplace. This graphic works in tandem with the hero text to instantly communicate the purpose of the marketplace. If the business needs some more info before getting started, they can scroll through some more information on how Postworthy works and why it's effective.

The Marketplace

The marketplace's primary goal is to make it as easy as possible for influencers to apply to receive items. The marketplace resembles a traditional e-commerce store, the only major difference being that there are no prices. Instead, each item displays what kind of activation the company who posted it is looking for. There are 3 categories of activation: A post on a users feed, a post on their story, or a user can just provide content without posting. The thumbnail for each item display its picture, name, brand, and the poster's desired activations. Having this information consolidated and readily viewable sets user expectations and allows an influencer to easily pick and choose items they might be interested in. The marketplace is easy to navigate and filter courtesy of both a prominent search bar as well as a persistent filter menu to the left. Once an influencer chooses an item, they are brought to the item page. Here they pick what activation(s) they'd be willing to do to receive the product or offering. Clicking apply adds the item to their cart. The rest of the user journey follows the patterns of a traditional checkout flow.


It was important that both the platform and the landing page were fully responsive in order to accommodate all points of access. The marketplace was designed mobile first in order to lend itself to this objective.

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