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I worked to develop the Abroad app’s visual identity, user experience, and its user interface.

The Problem – While Abroad's creator, Mathew Sanders, was studying abroad, he found there was no easy way to connect with other students and find events in his area. In other words, the FOMO was strong.

The Solution – Abroad is an app that aims to unite students studying abroad by allowing them to share local events and places with others in their community.


To create a logo that embodies the Abroad brand I considered the app's purpose. The app connects people and ensures they are in the loop. I distilled these ideas into 3 distinct symbols, a person, an "A", and a loop. The loop symbolizes the coming together of individuals and takes its que from the idea of "being in the loop". The loop takes its shape as a person which subsequently creates two white spaces resulting in an uppercase "A", an homage to the app's name.

Event Feed

The event feed needed to readily allow users to judge events as they browsed. Each event features an image along with event details so users can instantly judge the feasibility of their attendance and evaluate their interest. At the top of the event feed, there are two navigation elements: filter, and map/list view toggle. The filter allows users to focus on events that suit their preference. Toggling from list to map allows each event to be viewed geographically. The map provides an intuitive means of conveying events and their locations. On both the map and list views of the feed the user can select an event, bringing them to the event page. On the map view, the user first selects an event to view its details and then taps the event details to be taken to its page.

Newsfeed (Map)
Newsfeed (sort)

Event Page

Here, the user performs two primary actions: liking an event or marking that they are attending. Only once a user has performed either of these actions can they engage with the event’s comment chain. This encourages users to only discuss events once they’ve publicly expressed interest in them and promotes use of the app. The event poster is visible so that users can view their profile and see more about them. This works well in the case of sponsored content where the poster is an organization hosting an event. A promoter’s profile will show more information about their venue and other events. To help with on-boarding, user’s can also copy a link to share with friends that will open to the event page within the app, or prompt them to download the app if they don’t have it.

Event Page
Event Page (...)
Event Page (going)

Profile and Posting

The profile page is a light-weight account page featuring the user's name, their school, where they are studying, and a short bio. The profile page also shows the events a user has liked and attended in order of most recent. Posting an event sits at the center of the bottom nav bar as it is the primary CTA of the app. Posting an event is a streamlined one page process. To further expedite the process, the app can view a user's location and auto-fill that field.

Profile Page
Edit Profile
Post Page